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Tubing Rates

Outfitting Services run daily from 8am-3pm, weather permitting.

Cash, VISA and/or Mastercard accepted. No checks, please.

Tube Rental-Leisurely float from Albany to Campground. 3-4 hour trip

$15 per person, $13 per person with paid campsite

Price includes shuttle, use of tube and life jacket.

Tubing is NO reservations, first come first serve only!

NO GLASS or Styrofoam on the river!

Cooler Tube Rental

$5 per tube.

Holds standard size cooler to make it float down the river for your snacks and beverages!

NO GLASS ALLOWED on the river! 

Personal Tube Transport and/or Landing Use (NO EXCEPTIONS)

$15 per person, $13 per person with paid campsite

Includes shuttle and transport of your tube.

We are not liable for anything that may happen to your tube during transportation or while on the river.

We highly recommend using our tubes.

Notice: You MUST register in our office BEFORE using our landing if you have your own equipment. A wristbands is required to exit at our facility. You are considered trespassing without one.

Waiver for Tube Rental and/or Shuttle Service 

Want to be prepared and make the line move faster!?!?! Print, fill out and sign a waiver and bring to check in. 1 person in your group fill it out and everyone can print/sign the on the back of the page. Thanks and see you soon!